Sales & Healing Greatly Multiplied

In our Experience, Newly trained staff in Clinics & Retail locations increased sales and customer satisfaction by 400%. Our line of products was initially a Practitioner line (available through licensed Practitioners ONLY). Since 2016 we have expanded to retail. What is unique about a Practitioner created line is the versatility in usage and the results that a directed approach can warrant. To maintain the integrity of results received by hundreds of thousands of individuals – we are creating Online Product training for retail staff & practitioners – as well as Suggested Usage on our website for customers.

Simply put – the more you know, the more you help & sell.

We started in a health food store, we understand how valuable lifestyle and the right product pairing can be. We love people and think everyone should be given the same insight and enthusiasm as our family receives when it comes to designing protocols. We value education and want to share the best we’ve come to know in terms of what we know works. We have worked with hundreds of thousands of individuals and tens of thousands of products – let us go above and beyond!